5 Travel Tips for Cusco - Paddys

5 Travel Tips for Cusco - Paddys


5 Travel Tips for Cusco

Here our ultimate travel tips for traveling to the navel of the world!

1. Get used to the altitude

The first thing you have to consider when traveling to Cusco is acclimatizing to the altitude. Don´t underestimate 3.400 masl, for some it causes altitude sickness, but others just might get a mild headache or dizziness.

It is recommended to drink a lot of water, to not exercise too much during the first few days and to take it easy. Especially if you want to go hiking make sure to get used to the hight before you do so, the altitude can be felt a lot more during sportive activities. Locals say drinking coca tea helps getting used to the altitude.

2. Dining in Cusco

Traveling is about trying new things and experiencing the culture, trying the local cuisine is part of that. Of course you need to make sure to take care of you stomach, so it is best not to eat food from street vendors and to eat at restaurants that work in a clean space. People in Cusco don´t eat a lot for dinner as the digestion is slower at that kind of altitude, it might cause stomach problems eating a lot for dinner.

3. Things you need to be aware of

The pipes here are are really not that good or rather not that big, so please don´t throw any toilet paper down the toilet – you might cause the whole bathroom to be submerged in water.

Bargaining is normal here, never pay the first price. Especially if you are taking a taxi, ask at your hostel or hotel for the normal price to your destination and then bargain with your taxi driver.

Money! You should always have cash on you! Many places don´t accept credit cards and everybody wants change. So start collecting coins as it will often be a problem when you have bills, especially 100 Soles bills. It can happen that you can´t buy something because they simply don´t have any change.

4. Weather

It is cold at night! Depending on the season, during the rainy season more or less from November to March you must be prepared for rain at any time. The weather canges pretty drastically, so you can be out in bright sunshine but the next minute you´ll don´t know where to run to because you are already soaking wet. In the dry season, especially during July and August, it can get very chilly at night. So bring warm clothes!

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