Irish Coffee to warm up

Irish Coffee to warm up

What did you think when you found out that Cusco is 3.400 meters above sea level? Was is something like: “How freezing it must be!  Do they use sledges as transport or what?” or was it:  “What is their living situation like? Do they live in igloos?”. Well, you know what? In Cusco it doesn´t snow, usually we have a beautiful sky over Cusco so that you will not need gloves, a coat, a hat, but also sunscreen.

Are you surprised? But that is what it is like! The sun in Cusco shines over the streets and mountains and warms up the whole city. You should be aware, that it is the sun that warms up everything, but if its rays can´t get through, let´s say because of a foggy day, then temperatures fall drastically. And that is why the weather in Cusco changes so much.

You should be prepared!

Here some tips:

  • Dress in layers. It it is sunny out, obiously you just need a shirt, but if the weather changes you might need a coat. The weather in Cusco often is unpredictable A veces el clima del Cusco es impredecible and that is why it is a good idea to wear several layers in order to be able to react to those quick weather changes.
  • Pack a hat and sun screen in your backpack. At 3.400 mamsl the sun is super strong. If you are not used to that or are sensitive to the sun, you will turn red after a few minutes exposed to the sunlight or your health can also get affected. The best way to protect yourself from the sun is to use sunscreen and a cap.
  • Always bring waterproof clothes. Even though there are two clearly differentiated seasons – the rainy and dry season – you never know when it is going to rain in Cusco and suburb. So it is a good idea to always have a raincoat at hand to not get soaking wet.

Another interessting fact about the weather in Cusco is, that the rainy season (November to March) is in summer and the dry seasons (April to October) is in winter. That means that for example in January it can rain all day long but it doesn´t get too cold and on the other hand in July the sun can shine all day long until it sets down behind the mountains and temperatures drop drastically to about 0 degrees.

Without a doubt the climate in Cusco is characterized by contrast. On the same day the sky can be clear and the sun be shining and then it can get cold and rainy within a short period of time. But if you are well prepared you have nothing to worry about. Another tip we can provide you with, is to have a refreshing craft beer on those warm and sunny days or to have a delicious Irish Coffee when you are freezing and need something to warm up. Enjoy those delicious drinks at Paddy´s Irish Pub – the Highest 100% Irish Owned Bar on the Planet.

Written by Curro Martínez Moreno

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