Frequently asked questions

Over the years that we’ve been operating as a pub, we’ve heard a multitude of similar questions, asked by our customers.

Here’s an ultimate list of them:

What craft beers do you have?


We’ve got a wide range of dark and light craft beers, a majority of which are produced by small independent US-bound breweries, a half of them in the South.

Also, we’re proud that a few dozens of the craft beers that we gave at our pub are produced by our own small brewery!

All in all, we’ve got beers of all styles and types: Brown Ale, Mild Ale, Old Ale, English Porter, Munich Dunkel, Schwarzbier, Pale Ale, Stout and Wheat beer, Lagers, Pale Ales, Pilsner, and Barleywine.

Do you have draft beers?

Sure thing!

Our pub’s kegs and casks are full of the best ales and porters, stouts and IPAs, all ready to be drawn into your glass!

Does your restaurant have other locations?

Currently we have one location as a pub and another one as a brewery…

Though the brewery and pub are separate, if you’d like you’ll be able to get on a craft beer tasting tour there!

How big your restaurant is?

We’ve got 3 halls, equipped with more than 45 tables, which makes it able to accommodate more than 200 guests at the same time and moment.

Do you have some special offerings during the sports events?


Usually, on those days when major sports events, like NFL or MLB or NBA games take place, we may be a bit overbooked and overcrowded.

That’s why we encourage you to book your table beforehand, with a small minimum deposit required.

Do you allow smoking in your restaurant?

We are a smoke free restaurant, but we do have a porch and a sky deck for a specific convenience of those of our visitors, who smoke.

How often do you update your craft beers lineup?


Usually, that happens once or twice a month.

Basically, this happens whenever any of the small breweries we work with have something new on the menu, or our own brewery releases a new craft beer item.


Can minors under 21 years old enter the pub?


Sure, the entrance is free for people of all ages. But in fact, you still have to be 21 or older in order to order a beer.

Are you wheel chair accessible?

Yes. All of our pub’s premises are wheel chair accessible and we have a special handicapped ramp on the right side of the building.

Do you have any kinds of extra discounts or a card for returning customers?

Absolutely, any visitor can ask one of our waiters for a form to fill, in order to join our Discounts Club.

Any other questions? Please Contact Us