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Jack´s Cafe Bar
Paddy's Irish Pub - Cusco, PeruPaddy's Irish Pub - Cusco, Peru

About Cuzco

You already know that the Inca founded their capital, Cuzco, in the navel of the world. Did you know that the Plaza de Armas, which Paddy´s overlooks, is said to be the place where the last Inca, Tupac Amaru, was executed? Or that his great-great-great grandson (also called Tupac Amaru) was beheaded in the same square?

Saqsayhuaman, the ruins which stand on the hill above the plaza, was the location of one of the bloodiest battles the conquistadors faced. From here, Manco Inca rained down stones, spears and arrows on the Spanish below. The site makes up the head of the puma which Inca Pachacutec envisioned Cuzco as. Paddy´s is at the puma´s heart.

These days, it is more likely to be Inca Cola than Inca blood spilled in Cuzco´s central plaza (Inca name: Huacaypata), which remains the centre of the city and the locus of the numerous festivals and concerts that take place here in the undisputed archaeological capital of the Americas. If you have had your fill of the alarmingly amber soft drink, why not come up to Paddy´s and order the local brew: Cusqueña. Mispronouncing that is as essential a part of the Cuzco experience as Machu Picchu itself.